At Thomas Grant & Company Ltd we aim to combine the security and personalised dealing service of a traditional Stockbroker, along with the cost efficiency and simplicity of an online sharedealing service.

Whether you are looking for a telephone dealing service where you can dial directly to a dealer who can execute your trade for you immediately or prefer to execute your own deals on our bespoke on-line trading platform, we can hopefully offer a service which will suit your requirements.

Thomas Grant & Company was established in 1993 and currently operates from a restored Turkish Bath located on Friar Lane in the heart of Leicester’s business district.

Our experienced staff are available to discuss market news as it breaks and provide you with up to the minute information regarding movements in stock and bond markets globally.

Clients (both existing and prospective) are always encouraged to come and visit us here in person to discuss their account requirements or just to put a name to the faces they will be dealing with.


We provide a full dealing service, both over the phone and on-line, in all London listed and many U.S, European and Internationally listed Shares.

Whether you are buying or selling a modest number of certificated shares or looking after a large portfolio of shares and utilising our nominee service, we are happy to discuss your ideas regarding the economy and market timing or indeed the merits of specific Stocks.

Furthermore, our Dealers will always endeavour to improve on the quoted price for a security and take into account and explain issues such as liquidity, method/venue of execution (DMA or Market Maker for example) and potential for additional external charges.


Quite simply a tax efficient savings account or ‘wrapper’ as they are often known, within which permitted investments can be held without incurring Capital Gains Tax.

You can invest up to £20,000 per year (tax year 2017/18). Short-dated securities (such as retail bonds) can now be held in a Stocks and Shares ISA, provided the requirements in relation to listing are satisfied. Investors will also be able to acquire Core Capital Deferred Shares issued by building societies . Also more than one thousand small-and-medium-sized companies listed on AIM (mostly stamp duty exempt) which are now eligible to be held in an ISA.


CFD’s provide clients with the all price movement benefits and risks of owning a security without actually owning it – you simply own a contract which you open and close at the prevailing market price for the stock you are trading in (just as you would when trading the ordinary share) the ‘difference’ (hence Contracts For Differences!) being your profit or loss on the trade.

Two potential key benefits of CFDs are the utilisation of leverage – allowing one to gear up the size of a trade using a margin of deposit to cover potential losses and secondly the absence of stamp duty (under current UK tax law).

Thomas Grant and Company Ltd aim to provide a uniquely simple CFD offering – all CFDs are opened for an agreed time frame on outset and can be rolled (subject to margin). Also before settlement date should you wish and have the funds available the CFD can be converted into the ordinary shares at the prevailing market price.

All finance charges (cost of funding the trade) are factored into the opening price and commission is charged separately on both the opening and closing of the trade.

Financial Spreadbetting

Spread betting on shares provides a tax-free and stamp duty free alternative to conventional share dealing, ideally suited to shorter term trading.

As with CFDs, Spreadbets provide clients with all price movement benefits and risks of owning a security without actually owning it – the key difference being that profits from Spreadbets are currently tax free (under current UK tax law) whereas CFDs profits are subject to Capital Gains Tax.

Once again, we have tailored our Spreadbet offering to provide a uniquely simple and transparent product – all Spreadbets are opened for an agreed time frame on outset and can be rolled (subject to margin) upon expiry.

All finance and dealing charges are built into the price as opposed to being charged separately in the form of commission and interest.

Certificated Share Dealing Service

Whilst most people prefer the administrative simplicity of using our nominee account for share dealing, we understand that some – especially less frequent traders - still like to be able to retain their Share Certificates.

We therefore provide a simple and straight forward certificated share dealing service at competitive rates, which still offers clients the ability to call and speak to a dealer who will undertake the transaction for you, whilst you are on the phone.

Please note - this service differs from a ‘postal certificated share dealing service’(as offered by some other Stockbrokers), where typically trades are executed at periodic weekly or monthly intervals and at prices that may be significantly different to the price on the day you decide to sell.

Fixed Income

We provide a full dealing service in all Government Bonds (Gilts, Treasury Stock) and Corporate Bonds - effectively tradeable debt issued by governments and companies respectively, which pay a fixed rate of interest.

The relationship between price and yield is often misunderstood but is key to evaluating the attractiveness and timing of fixed income investing.

Essentially price is inversely correlated to yield and will generally go down when interest rates are rising and up when interest rates are falling allowing investors to buy issues either above, at, or below ‘par’ (i.e. the nominal, face value) thereby creating the potential for a capital gain or loss upon sale or maturity.

Risk of default is the other key factor influencing price – traditionally government debt has been regarded as low risk relative to corporate debt, however the recent sovereign debt crisis has changed this perception somewhat.

Exchange Traded Funds

ETF's are securities that track an index, a commodity or a sector and can be traded - without the complications of forward pricing or discounts to asset values - like a stock on an exchange.

The key principle behind ETFs is that they provide simple and efficient exposure to, for example an index, by holding all the constituents proportionately according to their respective index weightings. Also most ETFs do not attract stamp duty, which can potentially make for significant savings when compared with the costs involved in creating a similar traditional equity portfolio using individual equities.

One distinction to consider is the difference between ‘physically backed ETFs’ which actually hold the underlying assets and ‘synthetic ETFs’ which attempt to recreate the index or asset that they are tracking by utilising futures and options or OTC (over the counter) trades.

There have been a number of more esoteric ETFs listed. For example investors looking to take a bearish view on an asset or index can do so by purchasing a ‘short’ ETF, thereby benefiting from market falls.

These products naturally carry a higher degree of complexity and therefore should be regarded as higher risk investments. Recent criticism of ETFs has been driven by assets of this nature being made available to retail customers without them understanding the risks associated with them.

Additional Services

We provide a full Institutional dealing service in most asset classes for a number of small to medium sized funds and would be happy to discuss dealing rates and third party Fund Administration charges.

Professional intermediary services for IFAs, Accountants, Tax Advisors, Solicitors and Wealth Managers.

Employee Share Dealing at discounted rates.

Deliverable Currency dealing.

Full Probate Valuation service.

If you have any questions or would like more information, we are always delighted to help. You can chat with our experienced and qualified staff during office hours using our Live Chat facility, give us a call on 0116 225 5500 or alternatively, you can send us a message via our Contact Form.

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